Rapper Duncan’s Girlfriend She refuses to marry and says no


Rapper Duncan’s Girlfriend She refuses to marry and says no

This is so sad, worse on a special day like this, Valentine’s Day! Duncan must have thought he had this year’s Valentine’s Day on lockdown, only to have his partner dampen his mood! Askies Bafo!

February 14 is Valentine’s Day – all forms of love are expressed to those that we love. But romantic love remains one of the most common types of love, whereby couples display various symbols of appreciation towards each other.

Unfortunately, for the award-winning rapper, Duncan Skuva, his Valentine’s Day will probably be one to remember – in a bad way of course.

In a video posted entertainment page, Everything SA Music on Instagram, the rapper can be seen flanked by his friends and music group, Thee Legacy – as they accompanied Duncan to propose marriage to his girlfriend at a mall.

After spotting his girlfriend at an eatery, Duncan kneeled down to propose … then the unthinkable happened – home-girl actually declined the marriage proposal. Hebanna!

A disappointed Duncan tried to walk away, but his friends convinced him to try again – of which he did but still, home girl remained adamant in her refusal to marry the rapper.

Check out the video below: