Rapper Shebeshxt involved in a fatal accident

Rapper Shebeshxt involved in a fatal accident

Last night, Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke, a notorious South African rapper also known by his stage name Shebeshxt, was involved in a horrible accident on the R37 road near Smelters Mine, which is just outside of Polokwane.

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Shebeshxt’s unfortunate car accident took place on the R37 road near Smelters mine outside Polokwane, not too distant from the Chuene.Reports indicate that paramedics swiftly responded to assist him.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the accident was fatal, and it’s possible that Shebe SHXT lost his leg as a result of the wounds he received. The paramedics raced to his aid as soon as they could. There is a possibility that this is his third or second car accident; it is not the first time.

Following an accident, he recently purchased a brand new car. People on the internet also recall that at the beginning of the year, a sangoma delivered a public prophecy in which she stated that Shebe’s life is in danger.

Speculations are already swirling about the possible factors that led to the car crash involving Shebeshxt. It seems everyone has something to say about it. Plenty of fans have kindly reminded the musician about the importance of not drinking while driving and neglecting to buckle up.

The singer also humorously requested that his fans keep him in their thoughts, jokingly suggesting that he had become the target of hired assassins. Shebeshxt humorously revealed that he’s been living in constant terror, convinced that his existence is in imminent danger. Following the incident, fans are raising eyebrows and pondering whether there might be some mischief afoot with the car.

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