Rasta Defends His Paintings: They don’t understand my work


Rasta Defends His Paintings: They don’t understand my work

Painter Lebani Sirenje popularly known as Rasta has left tongues wagging again following another one of his famous paintings. The painter recently paid tribute to the late DJ Dimplez and fans are impressed.
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“DJ Dimplez, Rest our Brother in Music and Rest in Power Boitumelo Mooi,” Rasta captioned his work on Twitter.

Fans have since reacted to Rasta’s painting and applauded him for the “good work.” DJ Dimplez was laid to rest yesterday. He passed on last week after he suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage according to his family. Read More: “They Turned Off His Life-support At About 12:45”

A few days ago, Rasta found himself under fire after he made a painting of the late media personality Kuli Roberts.

“Rasta has need disrespectful towards the majority of the late Artists and Public Figures. This cannot be Kuli Roberts. Like the whole Nomakula Cynthia Kuli Roberts? Fokof Rasta,” @DQfab_ZA reacted to Rasta’s painting of Kuli Roberts that’s been making rounds on social media.

On Thursday the painter appeared on etv’s Morning show where he handed over the painting to the late Kuli’s best friend Pabi Moloi to pass it to Kuli’s family.

“If you’re an artist, your paintings must show different sides and angles. That is what confuses people. They don’t understand my work. I painted Kuli, that is her but people commented with minds that lack understanding. Kuli had a free spirit. She loved everyone and deserves that gift. I hope her family enjoys it,” Rasta said as quoted by Daily Sun.

Kuli passed away last month after she reportedly suffered a seizure. “She was liked and disliked in an equal measure, feared and admired by friends and foes and boon and bane for business. She could either be cold coal or a shinning diamond. Hang on to her, and you reached the stars, betray her trust and meet the bottom head-first,” the booklet shared by her family revealed.

As Raster wrote on the painting, Kuli had shared that she does not want to be remembered, but she wants people to take care of each other.

“I don’t want to be remembered. I want you guys to just look after each other. I want you to look out for the people that are downtrodden and are still downtrodden. I need you to look after people with albinism, I want you to look after the people in the LGBTQI community,

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