Rasta surprises everyone and proves he’s a good Artist.

Rasta surprises everyone and proves he’s a good Artist.

If there have never been 2 weeks where the South African entertainment industry and its fans have gone through a lot, one can say that 2 weeks is that which we have just closed yesterday. Look we lost a legend in the acting industry Mr. Shona Ferguson and just when the wounds were starting to heal Killa Kau and Mpura followed (may all these soul’s rest in perfect peace)
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But then now that we have rasta who has made it a norm to draw the dead prominent people in Mzansi Rasta did not let the chance pay some tribute to Killa Kau pass by, He grabbed it and did what he is well-known for, have a look at the pics attached below to see what he came up with this time.

From my perspective as a writer, Rasta outdid himself on this one. If I were to rate all his work, I’d crown this one the best of them all. He really proved a lot of individuals who think he is not good at drawing wrong here For example, have a look at what some people said when they saw this on Twitter few minutes back.
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No one is criticizing his job like what usually happens on Twitter when he does his thing. So now looking at the bad reputation Rasta has had in drawing over the past few years, do you think that this work is enough for people to forgive him for all the bad drawings he has done and acknowledge him as one of our very best in Mzansi?

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What is your take on this whole situation of Rasta doing some arts sometimes when prominent people pass on in both the entertainment and political industry? Please state some of your views in the comments section below. While you are in that, please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates on all making headlines in Mzansi

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