Rea Gopane trolls Samthing Soweto: He manipulates people with this whole depression phase

Rea Gopane trolls Samthing Soweto: He manipulates people with this whole depression phase


Controversial podcaster Rea Gopane has taken aim at Samthing Soweto following his album release and how he openly admitted to suffering from depression. The podcaster took to his Everything SA Music podcast and lambasted the Isphithiphiti hitmaker for apparently using ‘depression’ as a means to gain sympathy from people so they can buy his music.

Rea and his co-host The Blvck Steph discussed his recent album and how he admitted to suffering from depression.

“I’ve been seeing this guy’s behavior on the socials and it bothers me, there’s something that I just don’t like. He sort of manipulates people with this whole depression phase and he’s so sad and he’s about to commit suicide. People just sort of like fall into that trap,” said Rea.

He even said the song Ama Gents is a bad song, “Let’s be honest that song is whack, let’s be honest. That Ama Gents song is horrible,” he added and his co-host The Blvck Steph agreed and said his previous album sounds like Ama Gents.

“Samthing Soweto is very talented. Here’s what I am trying to tell people, don’t discredit what Phori and Kabza do to your brand and to your sound. This guy left those guys, he went and he did a project with De Mthuda, but it wasn’t even close to how it sounded with Phori and Kabza, and I’m not taking anything from his vocals,” he continued.

“You were dope then, not now. You fell off dawg so stop saying you are depressed because you fell off.” he said.

He even added that so many artists do fall depressed because they fell off but they learned to live with it. “They did not blackmail people, they did not manipulate their fans.”

Watch the full episode here.

Last week Samthing Soweto made a comeback to the music scene with Ama Gents which is a song dedicated to his daughter.

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He was also previously trolled for his weight loss with people saying he is dying but he said he is not. “I’m not dying, I’m OK. I’m not sick,” he laughed. He added, “I’ve just changed my lifestyle. There are things I don’t do and eat anymore. There are things I do every day, like physical activities. Those things make people change. So I have changed and that’s why I look like this.”

“I just wanted to say thank you though. There are things I will not talk about because they are very personal. Right now it feels like the concern and love, most of us as artists we need. We often feel like you guys forget about us. We need the love and we need the affection.

“Everyone who talks about me and the emails I received, DMs calls and everything Thanks guys, it makes me feel so good to know that you guys care.”

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