Real Housewives of Durban: The fight will get hotter


Real Housewives of Durban: The fight will get hotter

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As season two of Real Housewives of Durban wraps up, viewers can look forward to watching a two-part reunion set for May 6 to 13 hosted by the renowned comedian Donovan Goliath.

The second season of this much-loved franchise was launched in January on Showmax and had garnered a lot of views in the past few months since its premiere.

The Real Housewives of Durban follows the opulent lives of Annie, Jojo, LaConco, Londie, Mabusi, MaKhumalo, Nonku and Sorisha.

Goliath shared his excitement as he gears himself up for this big reunion.

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But all eyes will be on the ladies themselves. There was so much gossip and fighting during the second season.

The second season of this franchise climbed trends on social media with people always weighing in on everything that involves the wives.

After Nonku’s mother, Queen, faced off with Ayanda Ncwane in the controversial Season 1 reunion over damages, the Season2 reunion had a lot to live up to and with many people showing interest there’s no doubt the viewers enjoyed every minute of it.

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Are the ladies going to make up or are they just going to remain as sworn enemies?

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