Remember the separation and birthday in Gabriel Temudzani’s life

Remember the separation and birthday in Gabriel Temudzani’s life

Actor, TV presenter, and MC, archangel Temudzani noted as Chief Azwindini in Muvhango celebrates his birthday nowadays.
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Born ten Gregorian calendar month 1980), archangel Temudzani is additionally far-famed by his nom de guerre Chief Azwindini from the TV soap Muvhango. He has delineated this role since the year 2000 and encompasses a Brobdingnagian fan base courtesy of Muvhango.

As Chief Azwindini turns forty-one, let’s see what he has been up to within the past year. archangel separates from his married woman.

Much to the frustration of his fans, his 7-year sturdy wedding together with his unloved married woman Refilwe Temudzani has finally returned to associate finish. The erstwhile couple has separated citing married issues on the far side of their management.

The Muvhango actor has additionally supposedly quarantined from his marital target urban center. He denies his affair.

Snaps of ‘Muvhango’ actor archangel Temudzani together with his mistress Mpume Hlongwane are leaked and his mistress has any confirmed that she is carrying his kid.

Though archangel Temudzani continues to deny the affair, Mpume Hlongwane says that she has some form of agreement with the Muvhango actor. She says

“I understand our agreement. He’s not denying my gestation – however denying what was written within the newspaper. we tend to perceive one another all right. This matter is between Pine Tree State and schmoozes solely. folks ought to simply stop meddling in our affair.

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The Muvhango actor archangel Temudzani and his married woman, Refilwe Temudzani were the images of happiness once they were married. On the fourth anniversary, the actor shared this sweet message.

“4 years down forever to go!!! Happy day to the United States of America As we tend to age along, As we tend to still modification with age, there’s one issue that may ne’er modification. I’ll perpetually keep falling dotty with you. after I recall I will firmly say; God’s guarantees sustained the United States of America. because the author says “Forever may be a while, however, I wouldn’t mind defrayment it by your facet. Stern on the set, softer in camera

On the set of Muvhango, archangel Temudzani aka Chief Azwindini encompasses a terribly stern and direct persona. he’s usually seen supplying orders and is feared and revered by several.