Remember Tshedi from Malaika? She is now a graduate

Remember Tshedi from Malaika? She is now a graduate

Mholo graduated with a certificate in music management from Boston University.

The singer shared the good news on social media. Wearing her graduation gown, Tshedi posted.

“In the midst of my dilemmas..He will take the pain away.. “This serves as a everyone o na le kwaal.. A e le kgame le e digele ka inkomazi.”

Earlier this year, the graduate took to social media to announce that she was heading back to school to obtain another qualification.

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Over the last two years, we have seen many celebrities enrolling at universities or colleges, proving that one is never too old or too rich to go back to school.

She announced that she has enrolled with Boston College and thanked the institution for funding her studies.

“Knowledge is Power! Enrolled with @bostoncitycampus Never too late. Wish me luck. Thanks to @Samro for paying for my studies. Motho ke go icheba, ke tla pallwa ke lekile. Mare nna ke gana ka nna.#Abashweee bana ba baloi.. #NoTime4Mojolo,” she wrote.

In 2021 Tshedi Mholo announced her official departure from the Afro-pop group Malaika.

She revealed this through an official statement stating that next year would have marked 20 years of Malaika but sadly she will not be part of the celebrations.

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Malaika which consisted of Jabulani Ndaba, Bongani Nchang, and Tshedi Mholo, was that group that shook the streets with their upbeat and catchy music. But sadly, their problems started when their group mate Jabulani Ndaba, passed away in 2008.

Their problems worsened in 2011 and rumour has it things were never the same afterward.

Tshedi attempted to go solo but that path did not bare much success in the public.

Her album did not get much airplay on the radio and the marketing was dismal. But, sis kept her head high and continued using her God-given talent and performed on stages for years now, but not under the banner of Malaika.

It is true that they constantly say the industry wants new talent all the time, making the ones who have stayed relevant for so many years, frizzle out. It is a jungle out there indeed.

In her released statement, Tshedi says she is ‘taking her destiny to the next phase.’ We bet their hit 2000s song Destiny came to mind when you read that, huh? Anyway, she said, “It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from the band.”

“Effective immediately I would like to inform you that I will not be doing any public performance or whatsoever under the banner of Malaika.”

She did clarify, but there is no animosity between her band member Bongani and the other people involved but the decision she took was from a good place. She described her stay with Malaika as incredible and no time has been wasted.

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