Somizi will spill all the tea including the alleged abuse he suffered from Mohale


Somizi will spill all the tea including the alleged abuse he suffered from Mohale

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They might have moved on with their lives and are seeing other people, living their best lives, but Somhale’s divorce battle is getting heated. This after Sunday World revealed the latest details about their ongoing divorce, which is turning sour.


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After giving fans a front row seat at their fairytale wedding, which almost became one of three, Somhale announced their divorce in 2021 after a tape got leaked of Mohale Motaung’s interview with Legend Manqele.

The publication reports that the estranged couple had undergone a mediation process which is part of their divorce settlement, which Somizi allegedly refused to participate in. This because Mohale reportedly asked the Idols SA judge, to not “air their dirty laundry” to the masses.

Then a source revealed that their divorce proceedings will apparently take place at the Johannesburg High Court. Which is where all the dirt will allegedly be spilt.

When Mohale released his statement, he stated that he wants to leave with what he came with in the marriage, which include his clothes and car. But now, they apparently have to split their joint estate but things are delayed because Somizi allegedly is “frustrated” over Mohale’s demands.

The last time Somizi spoke about Mohale was during Cassper Nyovest’s The Braai Show where he was a guest. Somizi said Mohale has departed Earth, ”Oh he’s gone. He’s no longer alive…He’s departed from this earth.”


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Somizi denied abusing Mohale after the tape got leaked where Mohale accuses Somizi of being controlling and threatening to harm both of them. Now, it is alleged that Somizi also suffered some level of abuse from Mohale.

In the clip, Mohale can be heard saying Somizi was controlling, “It was mainly about work, the friends that I made which he didn’t like,” he said, which the interviewer asked him if he was referring to The Fergusons, and he answered, “they are part of the list yes,” he said. “There are certain people he wouldn’t want me to converse with, maybe if we are at the club. Or maybe people he has a history with or people he does not like.”

On an alleged fight, he said, “I took my keys and walked out, he took a knife. I was about to exit, so he said to me, ‘if you exit… I’m going to kill us both.’ So I took my keys and ran. He grabbed the knife and said ‘if you walk out, I’m going to stab you.’ Now I see a different person. I was sh*t scared and walked back into the house. He said ‘let’s talk.’ He cried and we moved on,” he said.

In his statement, Mohale said, “I did in fact experience abuse at the hands of my estranged husband both physical and psychological. It is not my wish to seesaw my experience against his as he only has his conscience to reckon with.”

But Somizi denied this, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would have to defend my honor as a result of someone I have loved so deeply and so genuinely deliberately harming a reputation I’ve worked so hard to build. For the most parts of my life, I’ve kept my relationships out of the public eye until my one and only marriage which you witnessed on television and other social media

“It took me this long to arrive at a stage where I could make the conscious decision to share my life traditionally and lawfully with someone and that should explain the level of depth of my love for that person and commitment to that person. It is incredibly painful that what I thought would be a beautiful new normal for the rest of my life with the love of my life, is no longer what will happen.

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