RHODurban: Fans are fond of LaConco


RHODurban: Fans are fond of LaConco

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The real housewives of Durban fans are fed up of Nonku and her mother. They feel that the scenes are unnecessary and boring. People even said that Nonku and her mother choose to speak in English rather than Zulu and they murder it every time. They were making fun of their English.

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However they are loving LaConco this season. They said she seems happier and they are loving her vulnerability. Fans were happy that She had the courage to open up about her break up with former president Jacob Zuma and admit that she is raising her child on her own. They said it’s not easy to leave a well known wealthy man and be independent.
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Fans are loving her weight-loss and her transformation in this season. LaConco is also sporting a new afro hairstyle.

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