RHODurban Star Nonku Williams was loved by all viewers


RHODurban Star Nonku Williams was loved by all viewers

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Nonku Williams is officially the RHODurban viewers’ favorite. Even though the reality TV star had a bit of a shaky start in the first season, it is clear that things have improved for her on the show.

Fans have recently been applauding Nonku for her transparency and authenticity. “I never understood when Nonku said “I’m real, I’m authentic” but now I see that she truly is. The girl is really carrying the show and she’s the only one who can stand up to the mean girls and call a spade a spade. Big ups to her 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽#RHODurban,” @Nqwena3 tweeted.

Nonku left fans gushing, even more, this week after she stood tall and confronted Sorisha who according to the viewers, is “worshipped” by the other ladies on the show.
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This week’s episode saw the girls traveling

to Nabithi Hills Lodge for a gateway hosted by Londie London. While others drove to the place, including Nonku, Laconco, and Mabusi, the rest of the cast members took a private jet courtesy of Sorisha Naidoo.

This did not sit well with Nonku and Laconco so they decided to confront Sorisha. Nonku wanted to know the selection process as she felt that she could have also been invited to the private jet.

The confrontation, however, got a little bit heated as Sorisha told them where to get off. This is the side of Sorisha that viewers don’t get to see often, and they have since reacted on Twitter.

@Enden_Kecho tweeted, “Thobile is fake AF. Sorisha is not as nice as she portrays. Jojo is racist. Don’t even wanna mention the stripper. Nonku must put all of them in their places. #RHODurban

@Mila: “#RHODurban Call a spade a spade. Sorisha is fake. If you’re going to play the ‘Mother Theresa’ facade be consistent with it. Annie is a kid she can’t even speak English exhibit A “We were flewed out” Zulu is not what you need to be learning rn. Nonku I’m on your side here.Jojo🚮”

Fans have also questioned Sorisha’s friendship with Thobile. Many are accusing Thobile of sucking up to Sorisha. Thobile has warmed up to Sorisha more compared to the other ladies since her arrival on the show. Read More: Mabusi Spills On Laconco And Makhumalo’s Beef

@Karabom969 tweeted, “It seems like, all the wives kiss Sorisha’s a*s because of her wealth. Sorisha’s nice person facade isn’t her. Every time Musa and Thobile are on screen, their storyline revolves around Sorisha; it makes me wonder about their intentions to associate with her and her hubby. #RHODurban”

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