RHOLagos Launch: LaConco mocked over RHOLagos outfit


RHOLagos Launch: LaConco mocked over RHOLagos outfit

LaConcoThe Real Housewives of Lagos launch took place last night and it was not short of drama. After Bonang was announced the host of the media launch, many looked forward to seeing the Queen doing what she usually does best, and that is to slay as host as well as on the red carpet.
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Throughout the week, many celebrities confirmed that they would be attending the launch which meant that serious fashion would be served.
Social media users tuned into Twitter to witness the dresses/suits that some of their favorite stars would be wearing. Mean girl and Real Housewives of Durban star LaConco made an appearance on the red carpet, leaving many social media users. Tweeps started dragging her for her outfit.

Tweeps also brought out the fact that she criticized her castmate Thobile Mseleeku’s outfit on live television. Check out some of the reactions from tweeps.

Laconco is dressed like a minister of Environmental Affairs ngathi she’s meeting her peers abo Naledi Pando kanj I remember LaConco criticizing Thobile’s leather skirt. Only for her to wear like she’s attending SONA at the Red Carpet

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