RHOLagos: Sarah Langa’s outfit made Twitter laugh


RHOLagos: Sarah Langa’s outfit made Twitter laugh

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Black Twitter is many things but it’s definitely not kind. Social media influencer Sarah Langa found herself dragged at the recent Real Housewives of Lagos launch.Sarah Langa1

Sarah, along with LaConco were dragged for their outfit choices on the night when the rest of the African continent was looking. Tweeps called her out for wearing a cap and legging to such a big event. She was dressed by the one and only Rich Mnisi.

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Check out some of the reactions on social media:

Sarah Langa really rocked di leggings ka kepisi & thought she’s gonna shut down the show? SMH

Even LaC looks better than Sarah Langa. What is that mess?

Sarah Langa looks cute, but not for this event. Its giving Yeezy vibes. Next door teng I have no words

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