Riky Rick apologizes to Sizwe Dhlomo.


Riky Rick apologizes to Sizwe Dhlomo.

Rapper Riky Rick has apologised to Sizwe Dhlomo after jumping into AKA Reebok sneaker gate. This comes after Riky weighed in on a twar between Sizwe and AKA. Appearing on Instagram accept AKA’s BFF Da L.E.S, Riky Rick said that he called Supa Mega about the Reebok deal after his Twitter rant.

Speaking about Sizwe commenting about the Reebok deal, the “Boss Zonke” hitmaker said: “For Siz to actually become involved thereon level, it’s like my n*gga. I see you you’re a commentator…but you create your money elsewhere , you don’t make your money in rap. Stop coming for the rappers, if you’re keen on this culture build the culture.

In a video that has been shared on social media, Riky said he had a one-hour call with Sizwe where they ironed out their issue. I just got off the phone with Sizwe Dhlomo and that we spoke for about an hour. We had an honest conversation, had a positive conversation. I wanna say that I’m not here to fight, I’m not here for the war, I’m not here to be divisive, I try my best to not be. Sometimes I say something and it comes across as aggressive and nasty and means towards another person and that’s not something that i would like to try to to ,” he said.

Riky Rick

Riky went on to mention that he has no animosity for Sizwe which he looks up to Sizwe. What I said the opposite day may need come off like I’m trying to dismiss him and diminish what he’s done and for that I are often a person and say ‘brother Siz, that wasn’t my intention, I got nothing but love for you”, he said.