Riky Rick made the Fans at his party go crazy

Riky Rick made the Fans at his party go crazy


It is nolonger a secret that when people do cross over to another year, they get excited and filled with hope that the new year will bring them good things.

On the 31st of December, each year people arrange to cross the year in a special way and that seems like it is what Ricky Rick was spotted doing last night.

Ricky Rick was spotted at first at a stage loosing it because of how excited the crowd was. He was spotted with full of energy perfoming like he’s not normal but it was because he was full of excitement.

Another time, he got spotted heavily shaking out side the event venue. This time around he was creating a new dance move which people tend to follow.

Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, known professionally as Riky Rick, is a South African rapper, songwriter, singer, composer, actor, entrepreneur, fashion designer. Makhado is the founder and owner of record label Cotton Club Records. He was also a member of Boyz N Bucks.

The performance he gave last night was of high class and people seems have enjoyed his dance moves and now they are trending on social media.

Watch him doing what he was doing last night on the following link: