Riky Rick never shied away from speaking about his chronic depression


Riky Rick never shied away from speaking about his chronic depression

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It is not secret that Riky Rick Makhado suffered from depression and he was always vocal about this. For those still trying to gain more knowledge about this mental illness, they could never understand how Riky Rick managed to light up the stage every time while dealing with this.

Truth is, depression hits many people, at different times, in different ways, and Riky Rick was always vocal about this and never shied away from speaking about it.

On Wednesday morning, people got disturbed by the tragic news of Riky Rick’s passing by suicide. It is reported that he has hung himself at his home in Johannesburg.

The family of the Kotini eater confirmed his passing, but never revealed the cause of death. They asked for privacy and will communicate memorial service and funeral service dates in due course.

One might never know what triggered Riky Rick but just last week he and his wife got cyber bullied with some even calling him an abuser. This after he posted a video of them dancing but she did not show excitement nor smiled. This caused many to conclude that she was unhappy and in a toxic marriage.

These outrageous claims from tweeps got shut down by Riky Rick who said his wife is just camera shy and does not like being in front of one.
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While people remember Riky, all the cyber bullies have been called out on social media to do better and spread love. Especially to people like Riky, who openly spoke about this illness.

In a previous interview with LAB LIVE, Riky revealed his struggles with depression shortly after his father’s passing saying no body should ever live without a parent.

“I lost my father at a time when I needed the help. I lost him at a time when I needed that voice. A lot of people don’t understand that you can never replace the voice of a father. It wasn’t like he just died, it was like 18 years, living with your dad for a year, and then going back to your mom. I love being with my mom but living with him for a year … A child is never meant to live without his parents.”

“When he passed away, I was so angry, so upset. I was so upset, like ‘why my life? Why does my life have to turn to s**t when all the kids that I went to school with had both parents coming to see them at football games, coming to watch them at basketball games, bringing them picnic sacks? I didn’t get that and I didn’t get to see you after’. I was so angry, so angry, super angry.”

He then added that his depression became anger, “My depression took form in being angry at the guys who were doing it.”

On social media, Riky then said “after losing a loved one we sometimes go to a dark place…been there and made it back to tell some of the story for anyone who can relate.”

He said he liked to keep his struggles personal because he did not want people to treat him any different or special just because he suffered from it.

Riky Rick is survived by his wife, mother, siblings and two beautiful children. He was a husband, father, brother, uncle, son and a very dope artist who added immense talent in the music industry.

Rest easy King!

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