Watch: Riky Rick said I tried to kill myself a lot. I want to die early


Watch: Riky Rick said I tried to kill myself a lot. I want to die early

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South Africans continue to lose those who hold the torch of their passion, dream, and ambitions. Due to a toxic fan base, celebrities continue to slide through depression, battle with suicidal thoughts and are left in a dark corner where no one reaches out to them and offer them a helping hand.

With each loss of the people that they look up to, fans slide into a desert of grief, sorrow, and regret, wishing that they did better and treated people better. Although they send condolences to the family of those that passed, toxic fans cannot stop wondering if they had anything to do with the death of a suicidal person, wondering if they added to the depressing.

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The pain of losing Riky Rick yesterday has been unbearable for his fans. They are hurting and wishing that they chose their words wisely, haunted by the things they said to the late Hip Hop artist who died by suicide, shortly after the masses said his wife was unhappy with him following the video he shared on social media.

In a video that has been shared by one of his fans where Riky Rick was talking about how he had depression, he revealed that he always wanted to die in his mid-twenties like Tupac, that he always had suicidal thoughts, and tried taking his life several times.

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He added that he wanted to be the best, wanted his fans to cheer him because his father was not there to do it.

He added that he sang depressing songs, that he was angry at artists that were making it while he was battling to top the charts, and felt that people were not recognizing him no matter how much he tried to be best at what he does. Furthermore, he said that he only wanted to drop one album, because he did not believe that he would live past 25 years of age.

This is so devastating. Society needs divine intervention. The Covid-19 pandemic and its dreadful effect on society has stolen lives, jobs, and driven many people to depression.

We are going through hard times as a country.

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