Riky Rick’s family confirms the news of his death


Riky Rick’s family confirms the news of his death

Fans thought it was maybe a joke, a way to promote one of his shows or lyrics.
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They kept begging him on social media to please tweet or say anything to prove that he was alive and that the rumours of his death were just malicious.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Rapper, Rikhado “Riky Rick,” Muziwendlovu Makhado (34) has died.

One of his last posts on Twitter left his followers puzzled and also assuming maybe it was another one of his “deep” and spiritual posts.

No one assumed that it would be one of his last posts alive. In the post he wrote, “I’ll return a stronger man. This land is still my home.”

The family spokesperson Sheikani Makhado confirmed his passing but could not divulge any further details.

“The family is still meeting, and we will release a statement in due course. We ask for your understanding.”

Close friends are in disbelief. They do not wish to be named until the family has released an official statement.

“I spoke to him on Monday about a project I was working on.”

Another says Riky died on his way to hospital.
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“Riky spoke about his depression and he was doing okay. He stopped taking drugs many years ago and that was never a secret. I don’t know what might have triggered this. But we will pray for Bianca and the kids.”
Since then, the family of the Boss Zonke rapper has confirmed to Drum that he died on the morning of 23 February 2021.

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