Robbie Malinga Jr shows fans his luxury cars

Robbie Malinga Jr shows fans his luxury cars

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The late Robbie Malinga left a legacy that is now being continued by his son Robbie Malinga Jr. In 2018 Robbie Malinga Jr broke the internet after he took over his late father’s Instagram page, where he started posting more of his content. In 2018 it seemed as if the young man was going to town with his father’s money, as he was seen with different kinds of cars and expensive clothing and people quickly assumed that he is using his late father’s money.
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It is now 2021 and it seems that things haven’t changed, it seems that Robbie Malinga Jr is still living a lifestyle of a millionaire, as on his Instagram he has been seen with very expensive cars such as Rolls Royce and Ferrari’s. This leaves us with the question of ” is he still chowing down on his father’s money?”.

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It seems that Robbie Malinga Jr wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as he has been trying to get his rap career off the ground, but it seems that it hasn’t been going according to plan. Since 2018 he has been trying to get his rap career, but it seems that he hasn’t gotten his big break yet.

Robbie Malinga Jr seems like a person who likes to spend a lot of money, and he shows us that he is a big spender on his Instagram page, he is always posting images of himself with expensive clothing, and he’s always tagging big and expensive brands like Gucci and Moschino on his Instagram posts.

Let us hope that Robbie Jr gets to carry on the legacy that his father left behind through his music, as he is also an aspiring musician. As for us, we should stop assuming that he is using his father’s money, It could be that Robbie Jr is using his own money to support his expensive lifestyle, and he is not using his father’s wealth.