After Riky Rick’s death, we now wonder where Robot Boii has disappeared


After Riky Rick’s death, we now wonder where Robot Boii has disappeared

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In addition to singing and dancing, Robot Boii is also a talented artist from South Africa. He was also a member of the “bigNuz” group at a time when music was more about having fun than it was about winning. South African singer has lost a lot of people close to him in a short time. When Mpura died, it hit him harder than he expected because he was close to both Khila Kau and Mpura, two people he cared about dearly.

Robot remained silent when he learned about Riky’s death. Riky Rick has only posted one video to his Twitter and Instagram accounts, where he simply posted the video and left it at that. At this point, his fans are so concerned about him that they require the assistance of those who know him well to verify that he is still alive and well. One fan came to her Twitter page to note that Robot has never mentioned any word after the passing of his friend Riky Rick and as it should be expected, Riky Rick’s death could still be a shock to him and maybe he is till trying to absorb the news till it comes to a point where it makes Sense.

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Fans of other artists have expressed concern over their work, as well. Many celebrities, such as Cassper Nyovest, Black Coffee, and many others, have appeared to have unresolved issues that they need to deal with in order to heal from depression. Cyberbullying and other forms of harassment have a significant impact on the mental health of artists and celebrities who take their own lives. Riky Rick’s suicide shows that he had been fighting or clinging to something that wasn’t caused by cyberbullying for too long. It was the death of his father that prompted him to take his own life, even though his family and friends had assumed that he had fully recovered from the loss of his father.

To find out why he hasn’t been communicating with us, we’ll have to dig deeper into his past. The only people who provide us with entertainment in the music industry are the South African celebrities who rely on our prayers and support. Even if you and your loved ones haven’t spoken in a while, it’s still a good idea to check in on them. Depressed people exist.

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