Rosie Motene is recovering from the corona virus.


Rosie Motene is recovering from the coronavirus.
Rosie Motene is recovering from the corona virus.

Veteran actress and activist Rosie Motene has revealed she and her partner have tested positive for the coronavirus, and that both of them were currently recuperating after days of being on an emotional rollercoaster.

Rosie took to social media to express her gratitude for life and revealed that the couple had made it to the halfway mark of their 14-day quarantine.

“Cheers to life! Today we celebrate as we have made it halfway through our 14 days of quarantine! Last weekend my partner tested positive for Covid-19, and I immediately went to be tested the following day. Two days later it was confirmed. Later I will share the crazy and emotional rollercoaster we have been on, but today I give thanks to breathing and life,” she said.

Rosie said both she and her partner were feeling much better than they did initially, and they were taking all the necessary meds and vitamins to ensure a full recovery.

“We are doing well, feeling healthier and more confident but still taking the necessary meds, vitamin c and d and zinc, an hour of direct sunlight, rest and faith! Thank you to the many family and friends for the love, prayers, deliveries, and support!”

Two days before Rosie revealed her health status update, she shared a message about gratitude on her Instagram. The actress mentioned how grateful she was for the ability and opportunity to breathe, and how she didn’t take the gift of life for granted.

“We are living in scary, crazy times. Life is so unpredictable. Every day I allow my emotions to flow, but always end with gratitude! I have an endless list of gratitude, from waking up and breathing.”

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Rosie Motene is recovering from the corona virus.