Rumor has it that Cyan Boujee attacked Tshego in a club

Rumor has it that Cyan Boujee attacked Tshego in a club

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Not only is it embarrassing for public figures and celebrities to fight in clubs and bars but it runs their image and brand. That’s the case with cyan Boujee and tshegoteeluxx.

Award-winning ms personality, influencer, founder of reaching out the foundation, and public figure Honour Zuma well known as cyan Boujee allegedly attacked Tshigofatso Modisane in a club last night. Tshigofatso well known as Tshego, is a brand influencer and public figure who also does event and club appearances.
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Tshego posted on her Instagram story talking about how she was attacked. She said “I’m not one to entertain drama, especially when it comes to this app. But I really have to address this. I’m honestly beyond appalled by what happened yesterday. Never in my life did I ever think I’d get attacked by an influencer. Your gavel Cyan Boujee and her squad attacked me for no valid reason as I didn’t utter a word to her the entire night. So clearly this is a personal vendetta she has against me. Lord knows what she could’ve done if they didnt hold her back. ‘Otlo nyala, we know where we gonna find you wena.’ She said.”


She also posted a conversation between her sister and cyan where cyan told her to tell Tshego to watch out.
The went on posting another story saying ” then she’s gonna wanna go live and twist the whole story like she always does. At this point I’ve concluded, that theres something really wrong with that girl like what the actual f”


This leaves me wondering is cyan still mad about the accident and sacrifice rumors. A week ago she was trending that she wanted to sacrifice her friend in a car accident and since her and tshego were friends at some point people were asking her if anything suspicious ever happened during their friendship plus they also wanted her to comment. Tshego simply distanced herself and said she has nothing to say. Could this be because tshego didnt defend her?

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I hope these two don’t damage their reputation because of petty fights