Rumour has it that DJ Hlo will be this Durban multi millionaire’s second wife


Rumour has it that DJ Hlo will be this Durban multi millionaire’s second wife

DJ Hlo reportedly set to walk down the aisle with her alleged millionaire boss
Musa Zulu owns the record label iMaz Entertainment, and Hlo is signed under the label, making her his boss. It is alleged that they are in a serious relationship and marriage might be on the cards for the two of them.

The man is reportedly husband to Thulile Zulu and two sources revealed to the publication that she is going to be his second wife.

“It is an open secret that she is going to be his second wife. Everyone in the circle knows that Hlo is his princess and he is determined to give her the best of the best in this life,” said the source.

The so-called source even alleged that he ensured her career would blossom by winning the coveted Ukhozi FM title, “He made sure that she takes that song of the year title because he knew that it would launch her career, and it did”.

Another source hinted that the process has already started and is kept low-key, “He wants her to be his second wife. We are not sure how far along that process is. It is all hush-hush for now, but they are very serious.”

But the Isbani hitmaker said she knows nothing about this and even added that she is not in any relationship. “I am not dating anyone at the moment. I am single. I am not in any relationship,” she told City Press.

Hlo was thrusted into fame with her song Isbani when it won SOTY despite people claiming to not knowing the song, or even voting for it. Many were baffled that other songs such as Osama and Makhadzi’s Ghanama would gain so much air time, views on YouTube, but Hlo’s song only had less than 80K views when it won.

Hlo had enough of the bullying so she decided to lawyer up against her trolls. Speaking to Isolezwe, she said she worked tirelessly to get the song the promotion it needed.

“Isibani is not a song that just came out of the blue. I released this track a long time ago, encouraging people to vote for it and download it. After this Ukhozi FM opened its entries for the Song of The Year and I encouraged people to nominate it and vote for it,” she said.

“Those who spread false information about me which is not true, my legal team is on top of that. They will be dealt with because that is a defamation of character. They are turning me into a complete different person and that is not okay, so my legal team is on top of that,” she added.

She also spoke to a number of other publications including Drum, where she said she was not happy about the backlash she received.


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“It didn’t make me happy but it is what it is. I am thankful to be surrounded by people who make me feel proud and make me feel like this is a big achievement and they are encouraging me to focus on the positive.”

“I am content. I didn’t think I would receive such a big milestone at the beginning of my career. This is a great opportunity for me to grow as an artist, and to learn from other artists too,” she said.

The DJ is working on new music with Lady Du.

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24 year old, Hlosiwe Mthalane is set to marry her multi-millionaire manager as his second wife. He is already married to his first wife Thulile Zulu.
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It is reported that the multi millionaire business mogul who owns Maz Herbal, a fleet of trucks, and as well as a record company iMaz Entertainment has been showering the Adam Hlo with expensive gifts as he expresses his undying love.
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It is also reported that DJ Hlo has received a luxurious mini cooper, a brand new tour bus, and to top it all she was also funded a beauty salon which is located in the Central Business District (CBD) in Durban from her fiancé.

People are certain that she is marrying him because of his money. A lot of people have concluded that her fiancé bribed UKhozi FM in order for her to win.


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