SA has called for Izangoma Zodumo to be canceled the show doesn’t portray traditional healers’ true lives.


SA has called for Izangoma Zodumo to be canceled the show doesn’t portray traditional healers’ true lives.

Izangoma Zodumo
Izangoma, celebs and ordinary South Africans have involved Izangoma Zodumo to be canceled. Fuming Solly Mathebula, a sangoma, said the show doesn’t portray traditional healers’ true lives.

“In the show they assert izangoma are drunkards, that we go around bewitching people, and amathwasa disrespect ogobela. That’s a lie and shouldn’t be tolerated by us or the other African,” he said.

The reality television program about lifestyles of recent izangoma was aired on Wednesday night on DStv.

The show features izangoma Prudence Magagula (24), knowledgeable nurse, and boutique owner Makgotso Makopo (34).

A petition has already collected many signatures calling for the show to be canned. during this week’s episode, a contestant mentioned she had powers “to bewitch others”.

Mathebula said attracting viewers by casting ubungoma during a bad light was wrong.

“That show tramples on tradition. People are spitting within the face of our heritage,” he said.

He said people should be ready to tell the difference between a standard healer and a witch.

“We’re not witchdoctors. We’re healers and that we don’t live recklessly because the show portrays,” he said.

He said he’ll lodge a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa .

“I’ll also mobilise other izangoma to protest at the DStv offices. The show must be cancelled, finish and klaar,” he said.

Sangoma Zenani Msibi said: “This show is disrespectful. Everything it’s shown was wrong. Gogo Maweni’s code , especially, wasn’t right: knees and thighs shown on national TV. Izangoma cover to point out respect for the ancestors.”

In a Twitter video, poet Ntsiki Mazwai said: “Blacks, are you that damaged that you’ve reached some extent where you create a mockery of your ancestors and African spirituality on live TV?”

Jerusalema hitmaker, Master KG, said: “The content modernizes during a filthy way. It makes me want to scream,” he said.

Daily Sun contacted the show’s publicist, Karabo Maroga, who said she had prepared a press release and was expecting her bosses to see and approve it.

She later didn’t devour calls nor answer the e-mail sent to her by the time of getting to print.

–Daily Sun