Wife fight between SA polygamists Musa Mseleku and Lucky Gumbi


Wife fight between SA polygamists Musa Mseleku and Lucky Gumbi

Musa Mseleku and Lucky Gumbi
A war of words has broken out between two KZN celebrity polygamists.

In one corner is Musa Mseleku of the truth show Uthando Nesthembu, and within the other is Lucky Gumbi, whose show The Gumbis starts next month.

Trouble started last week when Lucky commented on Musa’s show.

He said: “I’m conscious of the opposite reality show on TV about polygamy. With The Gumbis, people will get to ascertain truth meaning of polygamy.

Musa Mseleku and Lucky Gumbi
“In my polygamy there are not any fights as I treat them equally. The older wife doesn’t control me or the second wife.”

This led to Musa sending a warning to Lucky.

“I don’t know this Gumbi and I’m sure he doesn’t know me, either. He must stop meddling in my house affairs.

“He has no right to match his polygamy with mine. If anything, I’m the champion of polygamy and made the concept of isithembu a trend.

“I haven’t any doubt, had I not begin , many of us including him would still be ashamed of it.

Musa Mseleku and Lucky Gumbi
“My wives are vocal, have their own opinions and do challenge me sometimes. this will be attributed to the very fact that they’re successful and independent.”

“I didn’t use any love portion or muthi to shut them up which is why they’re free.”

Musa said he found it worrying that the Gumbi wives didn’t fight.

My wives are real people with emotions and brains. That’s why they get angry sometimes. The show isn’t scripted and is presented as raw because it is,” he said.
Musa Mseleku and wifes
Musa warned Lucky to prevent talking until his show started airing.

“Talk is reasonable . He must sit and take notes from me.”

-Daily Sun