SABC served with a legal letter to stop #TheBraaiShowWithCass

SABC served with a legal letter to stop #TheBraaiShowWithCass

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AKA’s feud with SABC, notably the creators of The Braai Show, which he used to host, is heating up. AKA had served the broadcaster with letters of demand to halt the show’s airing, which was scheduled to commence on September 8. Cassper revealed that he had already shot 7 episodes in an interview with YFM’s Banques and Venom.

Cake Media and AKA are at odds because they replaced him on his show, The Braai Show with AKA, with his rival, Cassper Nyovest. The show has been renamed The Braai Show with Cassper, but viewers will have to wait a little longer before they can enjoy it.

This is because AKA is enraged that the producers did not notify him and that he did not consent to Cassper being his replacement. According to the letter, which was published on Twitter by Phil Mphela, AKA and his legal team state:

“We have been instructed to demand… a 50 percent entitlement to all proceeds received in connection with the show as joint copyright owner. This includes, but is not limited to, proceeds from the channel, i.e. the SABC, sponsorship, brand, or otherwise concerned, and in relation to the furtherance and/or promotion of the show,” according to the letter.

“To demand appropriate production credit as the show’s executive producer. To request a copy of the agreement between the SABC and Cake Media, as well as agreements with other third parties… To demand that you offer an assurance to discontinue the show’s scheduled screening on the SABC on September 8, 2021.”

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Now, Cake Media wants AKA to retract his statements today; Executive producers of the television show, The Braai Show with Cassper Nyovest, have demanded that AKA (Kiernan Forbes) retract all comments, accusations, and allegations made on all of his social media platforms regarding the show and his purported ownership by 1pm on Monday, August 16th.

“Essentially, the action asserts that Kiernan Forbes has no copyright claims because the show was created entirely by MakhuduCom; Forbes’ primary agreement with MakhuduCom applied to the AKA TV app and came after the creation of the show; and his claim to own 50% copyright is incorrect and malicious, among other things.

The letter emphasizes that Kiernan Forbes has no claim to the show’s copyright. It claims MakhuduCom conceptualized the idea and that production company Bar Leader was asked to help turn the concept into a television show.

According to Cake Media, MakhuduCom, not AKA, conceptualized the show: “It is obvious from the different agreements that The Braai Show, as a concept, was conceptualized by MakhuduCom and that all ownership rights that vested in the concept were owned by it.