Sad video of Rethabile Khumalo hospitalized after being poisoned by a friend.


Sad video of Rethabile Khumalo hospitalized after being poisoned by a friend.

Veteran South African musician Winnie Khumalo has made a heartfelt plea to her fellow citizens, urging them to pray for her daughter, Rethabile Khumalo, who has been hospitalized in a critical condition. According to Winnie, the popular singer and songwriter, known for hit songs like “Ntyilo Ntyilo,” has been the victim of poisoning by a friend.

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Over the past six days, Rethabile has undergone three surgeries, and her mother has shared updates on her daughter’s condition, expressing the gravity of the situation. Winnie has revealed that Rethabile is currently in a critical state, with her health fluctuating between on and off periods. The singer’s mother has pleaded with Rethabile to keep fighting, emphasizing that her young son and the rest of the family need her.

“It has been six days now in hospital. So I decided it’s only fair to share with her supporters the sad news. They did three operations on her already. We hope Rethabile will soon recover, but at the moment akukho kuhle. She has been on and off. When you pray please include her in your prayers,” Winnie said.


Winnie has also informed the public that a case will be opened with the police regarding the alleged poisoning incident. A source close to the situation has revealed that Rethabile is scheduled for a fourth operation, as the poison has continued to spread within her body.

This tragic turn of events has understandably left the Khumalo family and their supporters deeply concerned for Rethabile’s wellbeing, and Winnie’s heartfelt call for prayers reflects the family’s urgent need for the support and good wishes of the South African community during this challenging time.

The news of Rethabile’s health challenges has generated significant attention and concern within the South African entertainment industry and among her dedicated fan base. Rethabile, a rising star known for her captivating performances and soulful vocals, first gained widespread recognition through her breakout role in the hit television series “Umlilo.” Since then, she has solidified her status as a beloved figure in the country’s music scene, captivating audiences with her raw talent and emotional depth.

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The focus at this time remains on Rethabile’s infant son, whose well-being is undoubtedly a primary concern for the Khumalo family as they navigate this difficult period. The family has expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from the public, emphasizing the importance of continued thoughts and prayers for Rethabile’s recovery. As the situation evolves, the shared hope among the Khumalo family and Rethabile’s dedicated fanbase is for her swift return to full health, allowing her to resume the captivating performances that have made her a cherished figure in South African entertainment.




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