Durban Gen: Sadness hangs over Mbali because she will be Thabo’s wife

Durban Gen: Sadness hangs over Mbali because she will be Thabo’s wife


Mbali thought that the death of her husband would bring about freedom and an opportunity to finally be with her real heart’s love; Lindelani. Unfortunately, even in death, Sbusiso remembered that Mbali would run into Lindelani’s arms and so had terms and conditions in his estate directed at Mbali. Logically, Mbali didn’t need the money since she’s securing her own bag so she walked away from Sbusiso’s hostage.

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Sbusiso’s mother is a woman scorned by her dead son so seeing Mbali live her best life while she’s unhappy was not going to happen. She cornered Mbali and told her to marry Thabo. She covered up the insanity of the situation by telling her “I’m not forcing you… It’s your choice” and contradicting herself to explain that marrying her late husband’s brother is an “old practice” meant to keep wealth in the family. Mbali tried protesting by claiming that Thabo is married but her mother-in-law quickly dismissed her. In the end, she told Mbali that the arrangement would last year and that at the end, she be able to “gallivant with Lindelani”

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Because Mbali genuinely wants to be with Lindelani, she’ll suck it up and marry Thabo. On the soapie’s Twitter page, Mbali is crying in a beautiful traditional gown suggesting that she will marry him. The worst that could happen is that she and Thabo fall in love and Lindelani waits for nothing. A viewer, boshielo_tshego, who also realized what this means for Lindelani commented “Dr. Zulu must leave umjolo and focus on running the hospital because clearly, he cannot multitask” The fact that she’s being given an ultimatum that will benefit her mother in law more is questionable. Every time a woman needs to be exploited and oppressed, the culture card is ever so near.
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Should Mbali marry Thabo to appease her mother in law or should just be blatantly declined?