Samkelo Ndlovu Speak about the relationship with female rapper Nomuzi!

Samkelo Ndlovu Speak about the relationship with female rapper Nomuzi!

actress Samkelo Ndlovu gets poured with a drink

In a video, the actress is sharing with fans and followers what happened on the night and the way is her relationship with female rapper Nomuzi!

Things got a touch tense on social media after actress turned musician Samkelo Ndlovu went on an hour long rant about how media personality and hip hop rapper Moozlie disrespected her at a club, and threw a drink at her.

Meanwhile, the Twitter streets are convinced that it’s no coincidence that both Samu and Moozlie are dropping new songs this month and their apparent “long-standing” beef just got lit now.

Twitter was divided into four main camps over the whole thing:

1. The “we don’t care about both of you and both of you are wack” camp.

2. The “Yasss! fetch her Samu” camp.

3. The “Don’t body shame Nomuzi” camp.

4. The “This is a promo” camp.

Here are some of the reactions from tweeps in the various camps.

The ‘Rhythm City’ actress recently launched her career as a musician and has been hard at work living her dream and promoting her new single. Ndlovu performed her new song at ‘Altitude’ where Nomuzi also happened to be at, and consistent with the actress, they both aren’t very big fans of 1 another.

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Things got out of hand on the night when Samkelo and Moozlie‘s paths crossed and therefore the rapper ended up pouring a drink on her, and ran away. Samkelo further stated that the sole reason she didn’t put hands on Moozlie was because she was surrounded by five people.

She also claims that Nomuzi acted the way she did out of jealousy because she has never done anything iconic and maintains her relevance by hanging out with relevant people. To top things off, Samu came for Moozlie on twitter claiming that it’s game over, on site.

“You’re a [email protected]!!!! You poured your drink on me and ran away. awaken let’s meet somewhere. I’m expecting you,” Samkelo said.