Sangoma Andrea Dondolo said she surrendered to her calling with the next generation


sangoma Andrea Dondolo said she surrendered to her calling with the next generation

Actress, activist and sangoma Andrea Dondolo said she surrendered to her calling with the next generation in her lineage in mind.
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Accepting and surrendering to a calling proves difficult for many, and the actress revealed her son played a huge role in her decision.

She took to Instagram and shared a snap with her child, who she said she had in mind when she finally accepted her calling of Ubumgoma.Andrea Dondolo1

“In my stubbornness to accept the calling, when I realised the consequences to the next generation I bowed and surrendered. I could not let my son bear the consequences of my refusal. Being a mother is a huge responsibility and some tough decisions have to be made.”
A few months into her journey as a healer, she took a leap of faith in sharing knowledge by creating her own page on social media called Gogo Gobisbham Evocations.
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Taking to Instagram she shared that it took a lot for her to embrace sharing her knowledge and it dawned on her when someone reminded her about the purpose of initiating as a traditional healer.

“Thokozani boodzali, thokozani boogogo. I had been contemplating whether I needed to go this route or not, until I came across someone who reminded me about the ultimate purpose of ukuthwasa, that you go to ignite your light so you can illuminate others’ paths.”

Andrea first shared her journey two months ago.
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Sharing a snap of her kneeling at a family ceremony, she gushed about her mother’s strength and wisdom.

She said she was grateful her mother had stepped up and took care of her son when she was away initiating to become a sangoma.

“Through this journey I literally experienced being in my mother’s womb. She carried me through this journey like a lioness and took care of my son. She represented the Basotho and Zulu heritage of her side in me, abaSia, ooNtshangase, ooNdwandwe, Manqana, Stuurman.”

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