Sannah Mchunu got into her GomoraMzansi characte Zodwa during DStvMVCA

Sannah Mchunu got into her GomoraMzansi character Zodwa during DStvMVCA

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Winning an Award is one of the most prominent accomplishment anyone could want, since it doesn’t just give you more openness yet in addition showcase difficult work, Consistency, assurance, perseverance and different components of their demonstrable abilities. Looking at Multi Choice South African has hosted the Mzansi Dstv Award and Sana Mchunu has left her devotees with noteworthy excellence and extraordinary capabilities as got obtained an award for best favourite actress for her role of Zodwa on Gomora telenovela drama collection on mzanzi magic dstv.
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The actress is very excited for her achievement and she looked absolutely unapologetic and phenomenal rocking her dazzling red dress. Her great sense of designs is out of the planet and has gained significant number of admirers.

Sannah Mchunu is prominently identified South African Entertainer who is excellent observed in the entertainment industry for her splendid capabilities on the South African demonstrates including Gomora. She has perfectly executed emotional and undoubtedly believable on the drama as Teddy’s mother. She is patient person and makes sure she goes extra mile to get what she want.

This prominent actress has probed to be a formidable force withiside the enterprise and it wasn’t long before production houses came calling. She has gotten so much praise for perfectly portraying the character that has made her earn an award. Reward and recognition always follow an impressive performance.
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She always strives to ensure that in whatever character she portrays she is conveying a dazzling performance and this has really put her on the map. She turned to be conceived on the nineteenth day of March 1972, Soweto. She is valiant enough to manage life all alone and she is an objective female who places high worth on her personal well-being.



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