Kelly Khumalo doesn’t need fans to know what she’s worth


Kelly Khumalo doesn’t need fans to know what she’s worth


Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo is blocking out the noise and reclaiming her narrative Despite a flourishing music career and a few blossoming businesses, Kelly Khumalo appears to take more pride in motherhood than anything else.
Before we sat for a chat at the chic Blaque Continental Bistro in Bryanston, she made sure to have breakfast with her two young children after gym before she embarked on her typically busy schedule.

Kelly Khumalo

Recently, she hosted a luxurious party for her daughter Thingo’s eighth birthday, one which we got a glimpse of through some stunning, glossy pics on her Instagram page.

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“It was a weekend full of kids,” she says, her tone expressing both pride and tiredness.
“It went extremely well. I was working under pressure because I’d been working (nonstop) and now it’s March and she’s been talking about this birthday and how she’s looking forward to it for a while.

“So obviously I have to run up and down, get the decor right, a spit braai and a cake, and invitations for the friends.”
Many might see it as a lot of work for an 8th birthday, but Kelly is determined to do whatever it takes it try and give her children what she didn’t have growing up.

“I want my kids to understand what it means to grow up in a happy and loving home where you are nurtured, where a birthday, mother’s day and Christmas are a big deal.”

Barely 24-hours before Kelly and I met, Netflix announced that it would be premiering a new Netflix documentary series titled “Senzo: The Murder of a Soccer Star” on the 7th of April.

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