Sarah Langa wears a skirt for 60,000 Rand

Sarah Langa wears a skirt for 60,000 Rand

Sarah Langa took to Instagram to reveal that she was chosen to don the Rich Mnisi Xibelani Skirt and Waves Blouse, as part of the designer’s new Hiya Kaya collection. The skirt worn by Sarah has become a trending topic on social media, due to its exorbitant price of R60 000.

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Some users have expressed that they feel that the price of the skirt is unreasonable for South African consumers, especially amid the economic crisis caused by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rich Mnisi skirt

Whilst Sarah merely posed as the model for the skirt, some perceived it as the influencer endorsing an unrealistic lifestyle. Sarah is known for her lavish living, which she showcases on her social media pages, and has worn pieces from Rich Mnisi in her own capacity multiple times. One user commented, “It’s the selling us a [R60 000] skirt when we don’t have money to pay for school fees for me.