Nqobile Gumede has opened up about abortion and suffered miscarriage.

SA Idols star Nqobile Gumede has opened up about her miscarriage.

Nqobile Gumede2

Nqobile Gumede has opened up about abortion and psychosomatic.

The star, from KwaMashu in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, said the miscarriage happened in 2016 just before she went for the auditions.

She said when she went to the auditions she was already dealing with a lot of trauma, and music had become her only survival mechanism.

In 2016, Nqobile shocked everyone when she fainted after being disqualified.

 Nqobile Gumede  Nqobile Gumede

In an exclusive interview with the publication, she revealed that at the time, she had just gone through a miscarriage.

“I was three months pregnant when I lost the baby. I had never experienced any complications during the pregnancy, and I was looking forward to having my baby. Unfortunately, it was never to be. I was at home when the water broke. I then rushed to the toilet where the fetus started coming out. I could see its tiny feet popping out of my private parts, and I was scared. When I went to the clinic it was confirmed that I had just miscarried,” she shared.

She said those were terrible days for her as she had not told her father.

“I was afraid to tell him because I wasn’t sure how he would react, so I only told my mother. Surprisingly, when I finally told my father, he was very supportive.”

She said her book and music has helped her to deal with the trauma.

Nqobile Gumede

“It’s still a sensitive subject for me, and this is the first time that I’m openly talking about it. Writing a book has helped me a lot because that is where I poured my pain. The book also gave me a chance to reflect and digest everything that I went through,” she added.

Her book Queen of Setbacks was released last August.

Nqobile added that she has not been doing much since the Idol’s top eight.

Nqobile Gumede

“Things haven’t been easy but I tried to keep busy. For example, after the competition I did not have songs of my own. But my advantage was that I could still perform the songs from Idols as people remembered them.

Unfortunately, this did not last long because the gigs became scarce. I had to do something to revive my career,” she said.

She recently released her single Uyangijolela, already available on digital musical stores.

-daily sun