SARS demand TV Producer Zam Nkos for R10 M.

SARS demand TV Producer Zam Nkos for R10 M.

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A well-known TV producer Zam Nkosi is in hot water with SARS. He is set to be owing to the Taxman around R10 million. A popular production company Red pepper pictures tax bill was exposed by SARS. This came after SARS obtained a judgment against Red pepper in Johannesburg high court last week.

According to a source Red Pepper owed the Taxman R986 000 initially due to Unpaid company income. However, the funds increased to around R1.1 millions due to added interest and penalties.

Nkosi’s company also owes the taxman R2.6 million due to unpaid value added tax. However the amount ballooned to R3 million due to added interest and penalties.

Red peppers also owed the taxman around R300 000 in UIF. However, the amount has increased to R365 000 due to penalties and interest.

SARS is also demanding R4.2 million from Zam Nkosi due to Pay as you earn in unpaid tax. The amount jumped to an amount around R5 million due to penalties and interest.

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The bad news for red pepper is that it going to be red-listed on ITC and it won’t be able to produce TV shows as according to SABC requirements, service providers need to be tax compliant.

When the amount was still around R6 million, SARS was willing to talk to the company to make arrangements.

Zam Nkosi is well known for being a presenter in a popular show called selimathunzi back in the day. When he left the show he went behind the scene to start his own products company. He is also known for being involved in shows such as Mojo. Were he was producing and co-hosting with his wife Nkhensani Nkosi