Saturday’s finale of Uthando NeSthembu was nothing short of drama

Saturday’s finale of Uthando NeSthembu was nothing short of drama

Musa Mseleku

Saturday’s finale of Uthando NeSthembu was nothing in need of drama because it is usually the case. Musa called a family meeting to inform and invite his wives to the launch of his book HOW I MADE MY FIRST MILLION. He ended up talking about other marital problems with concern. He said when his wives are angry, they punish him within the bedroom by denying him rights to possess sex. He said some don’t give him food and that they leave him alone and attend their homes (in the village). He said they roll in the hay tights, track pants and this is often not acceptable for a wife .

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He was reprimanding the wives for his or her unruly and egoistic behaviour. He even said if the wives don’t change, he will attend their families for help in resolving their issues. The wives stupidly laughed at him and questioned why he doesn’t address the person he has issues with. MaCele came to his defence and said at now , he’s tired and has did not resolve issues individually which is why he’s addressing everything ahead of everyone. MaMgwabe said Musa just wanted to show them.

They told him he won’t dare attend their families, they said this during their diary sessions. They really made him feel unimportant and he was hurting as he was speaking, he even left the meeting before it ended and MaYeni called him a coward. MaMgwabe asked MaCele for advice on who to speak to if she is failing to resolve his issues with Musa. Responding to MaMgwabe, MaKhumalo said the four of them should check out getting along in order that they can help one another . MaCele said she manages to resolve her issues with Musa without anyone’s help.

Other issues he addressed were witchcraft and usage of traditional healers by his wives. He asked his wives to prevent this and MaKhumalo begged him

On the day of the book launch, all the wives arrived late. a minimum of the sister Mpumi was there on time, or should we are saying , we saw someone who seemed like his sister by his side. On the previous ep, wives gave apologies and said they weren’t getting to manage to attend the book launch for various individual reasons. MaCele said she never attends family gatherings and MaMgwabe said she is going to be working.

The MC asked the wives to return ahead and it took 30 min for all the wives to collect on stage. MaYeni was refusing to travel until Musa said the wives won’t speak until she joins them and she or he joined. a minimum of MaCele spoke and Musa was proud. It seems MaYeni didn’t want to hitch the opposite wives because she sees them as enemies. In her diary sessions, you can’t take a sheep, a lion, a goat and a Cheetah and put them in one kraal and expect them peace. it had been drama.

Meanwhile, The Gumbis are people’s new favourite now. they’re always trending with positive remarks.