Scandal actress Nomvelo Makhanya has a stunning new dress

Scandal actress Nomvelo Makhanya has a stunning new dress

Nomvelo Makhanya is a South Africa-born and bred mental health activist whose interest is at visiting various South African schools to speak about how bullying can affect one’s mental health. As a victim of cyberbullying, Nomvelo has learned how being bullied can send you to an early grave. She shares how she almost took her own life because of depression that was caused by people on the media and at school who would make fun of her because of her “big head”.

Nomvelo is one of those people who have brought so much confidence and self-love in the lives of South African students who thought they are not beautiful and worthy of being complimented for anything. She plays a huge role in teaching students to be kind to each other because some of them are growing through a lot behind the scenes, and it takes kindness to enlighten their day.

Apart from visiting schools to take about all things mental health, Nomvelo has recently developed love for being behind the camera, putting on makeup, wearing fine weaves and wearing stunningly. As a way to deal with her mental illnesses, she chooses to look good at all times and refuses to look like her problems.

The former Scandal actress has recently shared stunning pictures of herself on Instagram which left fans no choice but to run to her comment section and compliment her. She indeed is stunning and is the girl she thinks she is.

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