Scandal! actress Stephanie admits she’s considered leaving Hungani Ndlovu.


Scandal! actress Stephanie admits she’s considered leaving Hungani Ndlovu.

Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Ndlovu, a popular YouTuber couple known for their roles in the South African soap opera “Scandal!”, have opened up about the joys and challenges of their married life. Hungani and Stephanie also revealed that their shared passion for storytelling and creativity strengthens their bond, and they encourage their fans to prioritize self-care and self-love in their relationships..

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In a candid discussion on their YouTube channel “The Ndlovus Uncut”, the pair shed light on the realities of their union, which has not always been easy.During the conversation, they delved into the challenges they have faced as a couple, including navigating cultural differences and managing their busy schedules.

Despite the obstacles, Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Ndlovu emphasized the importance of communication and mutual respect in their relationship. Their openness about the struggles they have encountered resonated with many viewers, who praised them for their honesty and authenticity.


Stephanie Ndlovu, an actress and producer, admitted that there have been times when she felt like leaving her husband after just three years of marriage. She explained that her expectations of a certain level of understanding and acceptance of who she is as a person were not always met, as the process of truly getting to know each other intensified after marriage. Stephanie has questioned whether the challenges were worth it, and has at times wondered if they would be happier apart, as the strain has left her feeling tired.

“I had an expectation that there was a certain understanding about who I am as a person and even as we get to know more of who we are because you’re married and live together.”You really get to know the person for who they are and I was like we’ll love each other through it,” she said

On the other hand, Hungani Ndlovu, a dancer and choreographer, shared that his ideal of marriage was influenced by his parents’ relationship, which was characterized by a lack of arguments. This contrasted with Stephanie’s background, making it more challenging for them to come together as a couple. Hungani acknowledged that they both brought their own traumas, situations, insecurities, and egos into the marriage, which required him to learn to be more selfless and prioritize Stephanie’s needs.

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Despite the ups and downs, the couple revealed that their YouTube channel, “The Ndlovus Uncut,” has been selected as part of the #YouTubeBlackVoices Fund Creators Class, a recognition that will help their channel grow and become even better. This achievement is a testament to their resilience and their willingness to share their journey with their audience, offering a glimpse into the realities of married life for public figures.



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