‘Scandal!’ and condom ads are perfect bedfellows‚ ad watchdog rules

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A condom ad during “Scandal!” was scandalous‚ two viewers told the advertising watchdog.

Ben Madiope and Jacob Ngobese said the Durex commercial‚ shown just before 8pm on e.tv‚ was inappropriate for the children who may have been watching the soapie‚ which has an age restriction of 13.

The Advertising Standards Authority said the Durex Real Feel ad showed a man and a woman touching and kissing each other while taking their clothes off. The voiceover said: “Now every touch can feel more real with Durex Real Feel‚ our first condom with the real feeling of skin on skin.”

Durex told the ASA that “Scandal!” frequently dealt with romantic affairs‚ and the advertisement was in line with the show’s themes.

The authority’s directorate said it agreed with the condom-maker’s argument. “A parent who is allowing their child to watch ‘Scandal’ cannot then be outraged when the child is exposed to sexual content or references‚” it said.