Scandal Etv: Fans have been waiting for this relationship


Scandal Etv: Fans have been waiting for this relationship

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It is true when they say karma is real and it never misses direction. They always say do to others what you would love them to do to you. Indeed what goes around comes back around. Scandal Etv is definitely portraying this in the best way sending a strong message to the people. This is a South African award-winning television soap opera that has been on the air for more than twenty years and has been serving the viewers the best content over the past years. That is why it is one of the top-loved television soap operas in the country.
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Viewers have congratulated writers for their great work when it comes to writing stories that leave people stunned and amazed. The current storyline of Hlengiwe acted by Nqobile Khumalo and Amo acted by Kagiso Radebe caught the attention of viewers leaving them impressed. Amo will definitely regret cheating on Hlengiwe with Dingle. She loved him with her whole heart but he decided to cheat on her with her colleague. Imagine being made a fool almost every day by the ones that you trusted the most. Now Hlengiwe is in love with another person.

She just met a new man known as Dr Mugari and fell inlove with him.All this is happening meanwhile she is still dating Amo and sharing a bed with him almost everyday. Yesterday she went out to attend a gig with him meanwhile he stayed at home with hope that she attended with her friends. Less he knew that she left with another person. Viewers have revealed that they are more impressed with this.
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He will regret the day he decided to cheat on her. It sent a message to the people to always try by all means to appreciate their loved ones and never take them for granted. What you do to another person will definitely be what they do to you. It’s true karma is real and people should try by all means to do people right. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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