Scandal: Gloria backed away from the truth and lied to Dintle

Scandal: Gloria backed away from the truth and lied to Dintle

Scandal Gloria 2

Gloria was worried when Caiphus was not answering his phone. So she went to ask for help from Dintle but in order for her to help Gloria, she wanted to hear the truth first. Gloria confessed to Dintle. Dintle told her that for her to help, Gloria should do a confession on record.

Scandal Gloria 3

Caiphus came back home when Gloria was about to accept the offer that Dintle made. She decided to change her story. She went to Dintle and told her that she got everything wrong. Dintle was convinced that Gloria was lying so she went to the police to report the matter.The police went to Gloria’s house. When they got there they asked Gloria about Dintle’s claims and Gloria pretended to not know anything. She told the police that Dintle must have misinterpreted her.

Scandal Gloria 4

Gloria really knows how to deny. She kept a straight face and made sure that Javas believed her. He believed her n he left disappointed because he got a different story. Gloria’s story was very convincing. Gloria pretended to be the victim and that Dintle was the one who was lying. Dintle had to come up with a plan in order to make Gloria confess again but this time on record.

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