Scandal – Goodbye Mamba, there is a new power family in Newtown and not play dirty

Scandal – Goodbye Mamba there is a new power family in Newtown and not play dirty

We could barely believe our eyes when relatively new fat-cat Mr Mamba (Simo Magwaza) and his trusty henchman Gorbachev (Khulu Skenjana) were shot and killed at the beginning of August.
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Mr. Mamba only made his appearance in October 2020, so when we were told that the character was getting the bullet less than a year after his dramatic arrival, we were gobsmacked.

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And while his now-ex-wife Boniswa (Lusanda Mbane) is scurrying around in a desperate attempt to get her hands on Mamba’s money, a new family is lurking in the shadows… ready to claim their piece of the lucrative pie.

This fortnight viewers will meet the members of the Kubeka family. As with all individuals that make their way through the Newtownian streets, this family of six carries with them a dark past and even darker intentions.

“The Kubeka family is one that South Africa will not easily forget,” warns Scandal! publicist Thapelo Ramatsui. “The family is sure to inject more scandals.”
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While all is still under wraps, Dintle is seen standing with the family in the promos. And we all know that Dintle is trouble.

Where there is Dintle there will always be drama and that is what Scandal fans like.

Are you excited to see the new Kubeka family?

Source: TVSA