Scandal: Lerumo send Romeo’s phone to IT to find the truth

Scandal: Lerumo send Romeo’s phone to IT to find the truth

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Enock did give Xolile and Grace Romeo’s phone to have it. They charged it for a low battery and to try to find and listen in his messages but they failed. They decided to take it to the police so they can listen to the recordings they found. The police failed but they heard that Romeo’s tone changed when he mentioned Boniswa’s name.

Trump took the phone to be opened and investigated by the IT experts. When Lerumo came back he called Grace and Xolile to meet at the police station. When they reach there they asked if there is anything founf, Lerumo said unfortunately nothing new except that they also heard Romeo mentioned Boniswa’s name.

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Grace was kept on blaming herself by not paying attention to his son and also by neglecting him. Xolile kept on saying that why my husband mentioned my mom’s name there is foulplay behind all this, because she knew her mom how she fix things in whatever way that will favoured her at the end.
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Xolile was with Chumani telling him how did they go to the police station. She said I to forget and moved on but look where I am now to bury my husband for the second time. Also she was worried whom did we bury and who was behind this to distruct them.

Boniswa did called Enock to informed him that Romeo died two days ago not in two months. When I asked you to do my dirty job you failed me always. Remember Xolile didn’t updated her mom because she knows her but she kept on calling wanting to know about the updates. Boniswa is convinced that Lerumo cannot find anything because Romeo got injured at the head and got brsin damaged. Xolile and Chumani are prepared to not say anything to Boniswa and carry on with their investigation who really had a hand over Romeo’s death. Boniswa had involved in so many acts of taking peoples lives with no remorse.

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