Scandal: One life is saved and another one is lost

Scandal: One life is saved and another one is lost

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Below are the events that will take place on ETV’s popular soapie Scandal in September 2021.

1st September, Thursday

Boniswa is running out of options as all her past misdeeds are ganging up on her. Dintle shares the best moment of her life with her friend.

2nd September, Thursday

A brother and a sister forgive each other and put their past behind. A man bought a ring to take his relationship with his lover to the next stage.

3rd September, Friday

Dintle’s night starts on a high note but ends with a huge bang. Neo says no to something important and Lerumo says yes to a life-changing gift. The selfish actions of a young man put lives at risk and drags his family members into his mess.

6th September, Monday

One life is saved and one loses their life as Neo’s actions come after him.

7th September, Tuesday

R1 11

The time is ticking and walls are closing on Neo Mokgethi. A family tries to do damage control after their son’s reckless behavior.

8th September, Wednesday

Dintle hides a secret but she won’t be able to hide the truth for so long. A family finds themselves having no place to sleep.

9th September, Thursday

Lerumo hunts for a killer and now he is drawn to an unexpected discovery. Dintle’s world starts to come apart when she discovers Quinton’s intentions. Lerumo is in hospital