Scandal: What Aya knows is enough to save her life

Scandal: What Aya knows is enough to save her life

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Aya’s knowledge will save her from death, taking into account that Boniswa got her 20 million from her legacy which is the thing that she generally needed while professing to really focus on Aya. Since she met Mamba she claimed to be the mother that Aya never had and Aya truly adored her not knowing her solely after her cash, she thought her palm was effective when she persuaded Mamba to wed her, and she, at last, felt that she approached Mamba’s abundance when he passed on not realizing his girl is extremely shrewd and she would sort everything out. Its after Mamba’s demise that Aya began recognizing the truth about Boniswa and she attempted to uncover her, however, Boniswa was two strides in front of her.

Even after the arranged grabbing Aya figured out how to utilize her insight to escape after Boniswa had requested her man to kill her. Boniswa will anticipate that the news of Aya’s death should be all around the distribution MIT realizing that she persuaded one regarding the men to release her and paid him a large chunk of change. After she gets cautioned about Aya’s departure Boniswa will pack her things attempting to escape from going to jail, in the wake of getting away from Aya will educate her kin and disclose to them who was behind her capturing and all that she had her criminals say about Romeo’s passing.

This will clearly be the destruction of Boniswa as everybody will know who she truly is, it appears Grace will get first before the police attempting to vindicate her child’s demise. Individuals will at long last know what a beast Boniswa is and she will be left with nobody however herself to a fault, even her kids will betray her.


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In the first place, she destroyed Chumani’s life by making him think he killed his natural dad, and presently she has demolished her girl’s life by killing her better half leaving her grandson without a dad. Karma is doubtlessly getting up to speed with her insidious deeds.