Scandal: Zen has collapsed! Jojo, what have you done?


Scandal: Zen has collapsed! Jojo, what have you done?

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JoJo was was the only uncontaminated Kubeka in the family. He was the only pure person in the house, whenever everyone in the house- including his wife – did something unethical, it was hidden from him. I liked that because it allowed him to have a steady moral compass without being dragged down the dirty road.

A few episodes ago, he found Zen busy counting a hefty amount of money and when he refused to explain where the money came from, JoJo decided to hold him hostage. He provided no food or water for 2 days and on tonight’s episode, he found his brother dead. I was really hoping that he was just unconscious and would actually wake up after being sprinkled water. From Monday’s snippet, it’s clear as day that Zen is dead.

I still don’t understand why JoJo had to hold him hostage. I mean the money wasn’t his, as much as he was right to demand answers as a big brother, I still don’t think it warranted a kidnapping. He could have just reported the matter to his mother or the police since he likes playing by the book.

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His hands are now stained with his brother’s death. How on earth will he live with himself knowing he killed his brother for an explanation? What will he say to his family? He’s already the black sheep of the family, this will only drive him off the edge and alienate him even more.

Also, how do you kidnap someone and not give them food and water? He really acted impulsively and now the hens have come home to roost. His wife will help him dispose of the body, she’s excellent at lying so her conscience will remain untainted.

Thoughts? Will they turn the storyline and have Zen miraculously survive?

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