Sebenzile from Imbewu is a Joyous Celebration Singer in real life.


Sebenzile from Imbewu is a Joyous Celebration Singer in real life.

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Mabusi Shezi is a South African personality who dominates the country’s entertainment scene. Most people may know her as an actress, thanks to her amazing acting skills. But, what most people might not know is that she is also a singer.


Mabusi Shezi is a fan favourite for various reasons. She is one of the most talented singers and actresses in Mzansi. Secondly, she is one of the most exquisite dressers in the country, and she has stunned multitudes at events with her chic fashion sense.

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As soon as she starts gracing our screens, the actress attracts a huge following. It will therefore come as a surprise to her fans to know that Mabusi Shezi is actually a gospel singer in real life. His celestial voice continues to make the masses’ spiritual journey a smooth sail.

The joyous celebration singer dropped a couple of songs and made notable features in the year 2018 through 2019

Her singing career is really at the top of the roof, and she makes some money from her social media. Shezi also has earnings coming in from Amazon and Apple Music that cannot be overlooked. Her newly found niche seems to be paying off, as Imbewu fans have been nothing but receptive. With all this going on, she is worth $150,000, and that’s just the beginning.

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She has already made her mark in the music panorama and here she is again to make a statement in the acting game. Her celestial voice touches many souls. The Joyous Celebration singer is also trying her magic in the acting panorama.

The songstress accurately portrays the saying, ‘black women do not crack.’ She has been serving face goals for ages, which has made most people curious about her age. Although the songstress looks like she is in her twenties, she is surprisingly 38 years old! She was born on 1 September 1985.

Fans have been drooling whenever Shezi uploads a picture on her Instagram or attends an event due to her curvy figure. The one thing evident from all her pictures is that she is ageing backwards!

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