That’s the secret of Letoya Makhene being in the hospital.

That’s the secret of Letoya Makhene being in the hospital.

Shocking reason why Generations The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene is in hospital revealed

Letoya Makhene reveals she was hospitalized. Although she did not give a clear reason why she was hospitalized, she made it known that she did not listen to her body and it got to a point her body couldn’t carry her anymore.

The Generations star posts a string of pictures of her family with her in hospital and writes a caption. “Our bodies talk to us. We either choose to listen or not. I pushed myself to the max until my body couldn’t carry me anymore. I’m alive. I’m well and out of the hospital,” she posts.

With the wedding around the corner, Letoya has a lot on her plate. Her acting career is already demanding and she is personally hand-picking wedding gifts for her in-laws. In a bid to meet their expectations, the actress intends to buy each one of them double-ply mink blankets.

Tshidi from Generations says yes to her wife to be Lebo Keswa on the 17th of November this year in style. Subsequent to a romantic hot air balloon ride, a big banner written, “Will you marry me,” sends Letoya into ecstasy to which she immediately says yes.

In a video by Daily Sun at the couple’s engagement, Letoya has this to say. “We have our ups and ups and downs because that’s what every relationship has. What I like is that our love conquers all.” The duo is finally tying the knot and defying societal norms. While most cringe at the thought of homosexuality, the Generations star is not one to shy away from the camera when it comes to her love life.