Seems Kamo Mphela is not taking the Zamani Mbatha dating rumors laying down

Seems Kamo Mphela is not taking the Zamani Mbatha dating rumors laying down

The beginning of the new month came with a number of surprising news that many did not expect. One, in particular, was the revelation that assumed playboy, actor, and Influencer, Zamani Mbatha was in a relationship. Moreover, he was not just in any relationship but with the daughter of actress Benda Mhlongo, and YouTuber and influencer, Snikiwe Mhlongo.

News of the two being an item was confirmed as Sni took to Instagram to expose Zamamni for cheating on her. This is after she shared a video on finding Zamani with a girl. A viral clip that has now been interrogated to notice every detail like the fact that Zamani was holding the girl’s panty in his hands and the matter of the Doom bug spray beside the bed.

However, one thing that many did not expect was the fact that the matter would also include popular Amapiano artist and choreographer, Kamo Mphela.

As the matter of Zamani Mbatha’s infidelity started to spread. It did not take long for more stories about how in the six years that he was meant to be in a monogamous relationship with Sni, that more details were shared about his philandering ways.

Details which included the shocking news that Zamamni was so blatant about his cheating that sometimes he would drive around in Sni’s car with his alleged sidechicks. Moreover, it seemed that Sni was the only one that did not know that Zamani was for the streets, as it seemed that everybody knew he was a serial cheat but her.

However, then a video of Kamo Mphela and Zamani speaking via an Instagram Live Session began to go viral. In the clip in question, Kamo seems to assert that she was not interested in Zamani due to her seeing just how much of a player he is. A fact which in the video Zamani looks “surprised” at.

The video led to the suggestion that Kamo might have also “dipped” in the Zamani pool in the past. A matter which Kamo took to Twitter to clarify. She explained that the video was from two years ago, and subtly indicated that she has never been involved with Zamani in that manner.

But a matter she did not address was possibly the biggest reason she was trending after the clip went viral. This is as social media users rehashed the matter of the “ever-changing faces” of Kamo Mphela. This is as during her early days as a certified mainstream artist, one of the running jokes at the time was the matter of her face changing depending on the makeup she wore, the type of wig she had on, or if she was just barefaced.

While Kamo might have thought that the matter was a thing of the past, it seems that the internet does not forget. Moreover, that the internet will use the matter against you every chance it gets. Like it did recently with her again.

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