Senzo Meyiwa’s mom chooses Mandisa over Kelly Khumalo

Senzo Meyiwa’s mom chooses Mandisa over Kelly Khumalo

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The late Senzo Meyiwa’s mother Ntombifuthi Meyiwa has decided to return out and set the record straight on the newest developments on her son’s case. In an interview with Newzroom Afrika she discusses Kelly Khumalo, the recent arrests and therefore the alleged murder weapon being found.

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It is no secret that Senzo’s family never approved of his realtionship with Kelly since he was technically still married to Mandisa Mkhize who he had left for Kelly at the time. Hence when it involves the songstress and her involvement in her son’s death Mrs Meyiwa doesn’t means her words.

“I’m frightened of her. an equivalent one that still refuses to inform the reality about what happened to my son. My biggest wish is to ascertain the people that killed Senzo arrested and for the reality to return out completely. What hurts the foremost is that the people that know alright what happened to my son. we all know the entire truth, even the killer, but we keep seeing people blatantly lying about what happened to Senzo,”

She is for certain the killers are going to be found and exposed but also called upon her late son to inform them what happened from beyond the grave.

“People must stop playing games with us. Senzo, I’m calling you as your mother, my child… wherever you’re , let your spirit represent itself. you recognize who shot you, you recognize their names.”

Yesterday the police minister Bheki Cele made an announcement that five suspects are arrested in reference to his murder.

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In a press briefing, Cele confirmed that the arrests happened on Monday between 8 am and 10 am, both in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

“I am happy to announce that there has been a breakthrough within the Senzo Meyiwa case,” he said.

“The first five suspects are arrested between 8 am until 10 am this morning in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. These arrests are as a results of much disciplinary intervention approach to those investigations which is functioning closely with the director of public prosecutions.”

Cele said more arrests can still happen. He said the rationale why there has been a delay within the arrest of the perpetrators involved during this case is that there have been too many leaks to the media.

“The family has been updated all other times but not this point , expect that the Minister are going to be chatting with the family at around 18:00 tonight. the matter this point has been too many leaks, so we didn’t want to place further confusion to the family as if we are briefing them on leaks, as if we are a part of the leaks because the police,” he said.

The arrests come after News24, recently reported that police have made a serious breakthrough within the unresolved murder case of the footie. The publication reported that police uncovered a weapon that was wont to kill Senzo and therefore the murderer is understood .

It further reported that the weapon was found during a safe at the Cleveland police headquarters , and therefore the man who pulled the trigger is currently incarcerated as he’s allegedly serving a 30-year sentence within the Johannesburg Prison for the murder of taxi boss Reggie Mohlala who was killed with an equivalent gun.

Senzo was murdered in 2014 by intruders who allegedly broke into the house of his then girlfriend Kelly Khumaloso in Vosloorus.